How to Prevent Android Phone from Freezing and Hanging

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in Common Android Issues by Allison

I have been experiencing one problem. My Samsung S5 is hanging and freezing frequently. I was tried to set up wallpaper using Nova launcher and my phone got hanged. My phone screen goes black and I was not able to do anything, finally I have to remove battery and re-insert to make it work again. Beside this there are times when my phone get freeze frequently while running apps. So, is there any way or tips that could help me to avoid Android phone hanging and freezing?

1 Answer

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answered Apr 5, 2017 by anonymous

You can follow the below solutions to stop your Android phone from freezing and hanging problems:

Uninstall unused and unwanted apps: In your phone there could be several apps that you might be not using. Just uninstall those unused apps.

Clear the Cache of Apps: There are several apps like facebook, twitter and web browsers capture a large amount of memory space by creating cache on your phone. You need to just clear the cache of the installed apps. Below find out how to do it:

  • Go to Settings>Storage
  • Scroll down there you will find cached data and its size of mega byte, just tap on it
  • You will get the pop-up window that will ask your confirmation on clearing cache at once
  • Click on OK and you are done

Make habit of saving files on external memory: You must make habit of saving photos, videos, music and other files on external SD card. You can set the default saving path to SD card.

I hope the above solutions and tips will help in solving hanging and freezing issue on Android phone.

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