Why is my Android phone’s battery not charging?

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in Common Android Issues by Dylan

So I had this issue for a while now and I am not able to find the solution to fix it. My Samsung S6 only charges when it is connected to laptop and I was charging it like that from last week. But now I am frustrated with keeping my phone connected to my laptop all the time. When I connect the USB cable to the adapter, it gets charged for about 20 sec and after that it stops. I already changed the USB cable and charger but the issue is same. I have checked the charger and USB cable on another Android phone, it is charging fine. I don’t know what causing this problem and how to fix. Any suggestions?

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answered Apr 5, 2017 by anonymous
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Hi Dylan,

There could be several possible reasons as why your Android phone is not charging properly. Well, you have to follow some below mentioned steps:

1 – Do-it-yourself repair: Sometimes the metal surface inside of the Micro USB port charger and the USB port are not making enough contact. So, you have to just switch off your phone, remove battery and with the help of toothpick, lever up the little tab inside the USB port and also clean the metal surface. Perform this process carefully. Now re-insert the battery and check the problem is solved or not.

2 – Replace the battery: Since, you have mentioned that you have already replaced the USB cable and charger, then you must replace the battery and check. Sometimes, it is possible that batteries don’t last long and if you have been using the battery for longer period of time, then it is a time for you to purchase the new one.

3- Charge form the wall socket: It is recommended that you should avoid charging your phone using PC or laptop because it does not provide much power, instead you must always charge your phone from wall socket.

4 – Update the software: If you have older phone but you have new Android version, then this can really consume high power of your battery and the life of battery will decrease. Hence, you must keep your all app and version up-to-date.

I hope the above steps would have helped you in solving your problem.

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