How to Fix Soft Bricked Android Phone Problem

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asked Oct 1, 2018 in Common Android Issues by Henrik
Does anyone come across soft bricked issue on their Android phones? Its really an irritating one and I want to get out of this situation ASAP. Is there anyone who can help me here to resolve the error?

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answered Oct 1, 2018 by alice (670 points)

[Guide]- How to Fix “Soft Bricked” Android Phone Problem

It’s a general thought for many users that they want to enjoy every unique feature on their phones they loves and to do this, they want to test new ROMs. But some wrong thing happens and phone gets bricked which also means that you cannot boot your device properly.

So, here how to fix this problem. Generally, bricked phone is categorized as soft brick and hard brick.

So when your device stuck on soft bricked then you need to follow the below tips to fix the issue. They are:

  • Clear/wipe cache partition
  • Fix android phone boots in bootloader

Best way to fix soft bricked problem on Android phone

You can also use third party software like Android Data Extraction to solve this problem of soft brick on Android phone. This is s professional software that easily fix all such issues without any difficulty. It can solve any kind of issues that occurs on Android phones

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