How to fix “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped” error on my Android phone

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asked Oct 1, 2018 in Common Android Issues by Ena
Can anyone tell me how to fix the above error on Android phone? Has anyone come across this error and if yes then what you have done to get out of the error? I need some help, please.

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answered Oct 1, 2018 by Droid Taylor (1,900 points)

When Android users get the error messages stating “unfortunately, contacts has stopped” then it occurs due to default contact manager crashed and people face problem in making or receiving calls. However, several methods are applied to fix the issue and so I am also going to give you some simple methods to fix the error.


Method 1: Restart your phone

  • First go to Settings > Apps > application manager
  • Look for contacts on it
  • At last, click on force stop to stop the app and restart your device

Method 2: Update device software

Sometimes due to old OS on your device can lead to such error. So it is suggested to update your device software by checking it.

  • Simply go to Settings > about device
  • Tap on software update
  • If any update is available it will tell you and you should update the device

Method 3: Reset factory setting

Doing factory reset can help to get out of the situation. Only you have to follow the simple steps given below:

  • Go to Settings > Backup and Reset
  • Click on box that allows to backup Google account
  • Tap on factory reset settings
  • Click on reset phone

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