How to get deleted audio recording in android

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asked Aug 11, 2018 in Recovery by anonymous

2 Answers

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answered Aug 16, 2018 by alice (670 points)

The unexpected situation can occur anytime and you might lose all your audio recordings from your Android phone. This can really irritate you as your important recordings are removed mistakenly. And when this happens then you just want to get those recordings back as soon as possible.

But do you think that those lost data are recovered? Yes, those deleted audio files are recovered if you have any backup available. When you don’t have any backup then with the help of recovery software, you can restore the lost files.

You should note that whenever any data gets lost then it is not deleted permanently from device but only marked as useless. When any data is not stored on that place then it is possible to rescue erased data from it. Remember that no new data gets overwrite on that place otherwise recovering audio recordings will be difficult and you might never get those files again.

You can get more detailed information by going through the article: How to recover lost or deleted audio files from Android

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answered Oct 16, 2018 by anonymous

Try Android data recovery software to help you recover deleted audio recording on your Andorid phone. First connect your Android to computer via usb cable, start the software. It will scan out all data, including the deleted data. Then you can recover them to pc. 

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