Accidentally deleted whatsapp account, how to recover WhatsApp messages?

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asked Jul 11, 2018 in Recovery by Kelvin

I used to backup data from whatsapp on drive, but unfortunately, yesterday I deleted my whatsapp account and lost all messages. I already tried to reinstall whatsapp but it wasn't possible to restore anything. There is a chance to restore it somehow? Can anyone help me to get back my WhatsApp messages after account gets delete?

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answered Jul 11, 2018 by Droid Taylor (1,900 points)

Well everyone knows that WhatsApp is a messaging platform that also supports videos and audios, gifs etc. you might have several data that is important for you and suddenly you have deleted your account due to some problem. Now you have lost all your WhatsApp messages and how to get them back?

Well, if you have backed up all those, WhatsApp messages previously then you can get them easily. As many user store them on Google Drive and from there, it is easy to restore them. First you can check whether data is available on drive or not by following the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Click on the gear in the upper right then settings
  • Click on "Manage Apps"
  • Scroll to find WhatsApp in the list of connected Apps

Note: If you have a very large backup, it could take a few minutes to display WhatsApp

  • It will list how much quota is used next to the “Hidden app data:” label

If you find no data available then you can try using third party recovery tool to restore your lost WhatsApp messages after account deletion. Check out more details on: [GUIDE]- How to Get Back WhatsApp Messages After Account Deletion

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