HTC Phone reboot problem

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asked Jun 3, 2017 in Backup & Transfer by anonymous
How to reboot my HTC 10 smartphone?

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answered Jun 24, 2017 by anonymous
1. In order to switch off your device press the Power key for a short while.Hard Reset
2. Press and hold the Volume Down + Power button at the some time for a couple of seconds.Hard Reset
3. You may release held keys as soon as the Download Mode menu appears on the screen.
4. Afterwards use the Volume keys to select option "Bootloader", and press Power button to confirm.Master Reset
5. Then press Volume Down to select option "Reboot to Recovery Mode", and press Power button to confirm.Wipe data
6. As soon as the phone with the exclamation point appears on the screen hold down Power key.Hard Reset
7. While holding down the Power button press and release Volume Up key.Remove Screen Lock
8. Next select from Recovery Mode menu "wipe data / factory reset" using Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to confirm.Remove screen password
9. Choose "Yes -- delete all user data" to confirm the whole operation.Restore
10. After that select option "reboot system now". Format
    Well done! The hard reset has just been performed.

Second method:

1. If the display is off, press the Power button to turn it back on.Hard Reset
2. Then from Main Menu go to Settings and tap Backup & Reset.Permanently delete data from
3. Afterwards, choose Reset phone and select Erase all data.Hard Reset
4. Tap OK to confirm your choice.
    Success! Your device is ready to use.
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