Viber data recovery for android version 4.4.3

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asked Apr 18, 2017 in Recovery by SMD

Please, I need a help. I lost my viber messages. i tried with android data recovery, but my android version is 4.4.3 and the tool is not working. any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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answered Apr 18, 2017 by anonymous
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As for your case, make sure that

However, If you have set the backup of your Viber message then you can restore the messages from the backup.

Below find out how to create backup:

  • Go to More Screen.
  • Click Settings. Choose Viber Backup.
  • Click on Back up.


Now, find out how to restore

  • Go to Viber Backup tab.
  • Check available backup. Click on Restore.
  • Select RESTORE NOW.


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answered Oct 12 by iluduqt - <a href=""></a>
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